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spray plaster service  with Mel’s Brush Strokes Team

No need for multiple contractors, our team can provide an expert spray plastering service and finish the job. The plastering will be done using our innovative new spray plaster system which replaces the traditional pink thistle plastering. The finish of the plaster itself is a much higher level than standard plastering, particularly in areas with strong light.

Projects with a timber frame construction are much more suited to this revolutionary spray plaster service. Combined with the special tapes it is a more flexible material, able to handle movement effectively. The finish is quality, robust and reliable.  The special vinyl beads we use are far more impact resistant, whereas traditional skim beads once hit will need replacing.

The finish of the plaster is white which saves time and the cost of an entire coat of paint over a project. If you do wish to paint it a different colour it’s ready to paint the day we leave, decoration can start immediately.

We are able to handle large areas without the need for extra subcontractors, maintain the level of quality and workmanship with less people onsite. 


Platinum Protective Coatings

In association with Mel’s Brush Strokes.

Our expert team are highly trained in this effective new spray plaster technology which is perfect for both small and huge scale projects. Save time, money and enjoy the convenience of this incredible service.


No need for multiple contractors, our team can provide an expert spray plastering service and finish the job. The product can be started or stopped at any time during the build and can be picked up next day if needed (this is beneficial if another trade needs to get in a room that has been started, to do an alteration) we can simply go back in after to finish off.


The finish is a much higher level than standard plastering, particularly in areas with strong light. The plaster is white and looks a better finish when finished with smooth walls.


Less mess with no spatters from mixing traditional plaster as this is already mixed ready to go. The product can be painted 24 hours after finishing.


All corner beads are white plastic (flexible) so if anyone catches the corners of the walls carrying materials around they will just bounce off the corners and do not dent like traditional plastered walls.

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Painting and Decorating

As house painters and decorators, we offer:
– Wallpapering
– Preparation and painting
– Design and colour consultancy
– Interiors and exteriors

The professional house painters from Mel’s Brush Strokes can help give any of your rooms a perfect makeover. Our services are unparalleled and our vast experience in both domestic and commercial sectors gives us an edge over other competitors in this business.


Spray Painting

Our diverse range of spray painting services include:
– Onsite spraying
– Cupboard doors
– Furniture spraying
– Doors and windows
– Industrial spray painting
– MDF products and sheet painting

Mel’s Brush Strokes has been in the spray painting business for many years and can take up jobs both big and small -industrial or commercial. From that old piece of furniture that needs respraying, to shabby walls that make your hallways look dingy and dull, we will spray paint anything into a fresh new look. 


Fire protection Spray Coatings

Make your property safer with Mel’s Brush Strokes in West Yorkshire today. Our fire protection spray coatings give vital extra time to evacuate buildings during a fire and can save lives.
Why choose us for your fire protection coatings?
– Gives a professional look
– Improves safety
– Can increase the value of a building
– We are experienced professionals able to apply coatings properly and efficiently.

Mel’s Brush Strokes will apply fire protection spray coating to the steel structure of your building, this is after the primer and before the finish coating. Our intermittent paint works well for warehouses and new builds, giving a longer time before a fire can take hold of the building which can give you those extra moments needed to escape safely. 


Damp Assessment and Proofing

Have you noticed a damp problem in your property? It’s time you called a damp proofing specialist and got the problem addressed at the earliest opportunity. We treat both simple and complex damp problems with ease. Our team of friendly and hardworking experts can offer a comprehensive survey to diagnose the kind of damp before offering a free quote.

We can also give your house a makeover once the damp is sorted with our specialised decorating, spray painting and spray plastering services. 


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